Are You Making Your Life About THE Relationship?

Do you live your life thinking everything will change once you have the relationship of your dreams in your life?

For certain, your life will change immensely when your partner comes into your life. Relationships are all about lessons and growth, helping us to meet our full potential.

But that person in reality is not going to be perfect themselves and will not be able to ascertain your life path for you.

You are responsible for your own happiness. You are responsible for doing the work needed to ensure you’re living your life to your up most potential.

If you didn’t love yourself before your partner came in, your self-love struggle will still exist beyond the relationship.

I have at times put so much emphasis on “the relationship” because I can energetically feel what it would be like to be with him. It’s like “the relationship” is the final destination you live your life for.

The anticipation before your partner comes in can be exciting and perplexing at times. There can be a lot of build up in your mind. There is a tendency to place more emphasis on the relationship coming to you, then anything else. You may have the idea that the relationship is the only thing to bring you ultimate happiness.

What I am starting to understand even with my person in my life, is that true happiness and love comes from within.

As much love as you hold with that person, you’re still tasked with following your own personal destiny, something that should be important to you to fulfill.

Putting yourself first and foremost can be scary because everything feels much safer in the mindset of “the relationship.” However, when we focus on ourselves, live our lives in love and in purpose, we in turn become better partners and better lovers.

When we love ourselves first, our lives are no longer about “the relationship,” our lives are about two loving souls sharing a partnership in life.




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