Uncertain Times In Dating AND How To Handle The “Not Sure”

Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do, can be extremely anxiety provoking, especially when it comes to the uncertain times in dating.

I have at times been in what I believed to be a perpetual black hole;

Not sure what was going to happen with “Him.”

Not sure what was going to happen in my career.

Not sure where I was meant to live, you get the point.

The times of “not sure” are times of great uncertainty and can be quite uncomfortable. The biggest test in these times is finding the strength to continue to move forward with life, to live life each day still not knowing exactly what is going to happen with the intention that soon, everything will come to light.

You see, you’re not always going to have the answers right when you want them. How you handle these uncertain times and especially the uncertain times in dating, can really determine your level of anxiety and the ability to live and function in the moment.

In times of “not sure,” there is a great opportunity to either explore or let go and let what is meant for you come to you in perfect time.

When you explore you’re still allowing what is meant for you to come in, it just means that if it feels right, communicate with him through these uncertain times and even ask for clarity. In your life, explore new career opportunities or talk to a mentor. Travel or take a road trip to different cities/towns that you have never been to before.

Sometimes you’re not going to have all the answers right away, even in the midst of exploration.

You’re not going to know, until you’re meant to know.

Fighting the “not sure” only creates even more anxiety and will not get you the answers you seek any sooner.

So as best you can, embrace this time of “not sure” and allow what is meant for you to come in when it’s meant to.



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