Recurring Patterns In Relationships: If You Don’t Learn The Lesson Now, It Will Return And Return

I have this old piece of paper on my fridge. I have no idea who gave it to me or where it came from but it lists “7 universal/spiritual laws”, one of which always stands out to me when it comes to dating and relationships.  It speaks to the recurring patterns in relationships we often face while learning our life lessons.

If you don’t learn the lesson now, it will return and return.

It’s really as simple as that. If you have a lesson to learn in life and/or in a relationship, it will certainly keep coming back around until you get it right.

Do you notice a recurring pattern in the type of people you date that you’re not happy about? It could be that you’re meant to break this pattern. Have you tried dating different types of people? Have you tried taking a break from dating and focusing on yourself? When patterns form it’s a good queue to really reflect inwards. Ask yourself, what am I supposed to be learning?

Do you feel like you’re on this hamster wheel and it just keeps going around and around and you’re not sure how to get off? Do you complain all the time that things are not changing but you’re not making the steps to change anything in your life? To learn a lesson sometimes requires action. Change is not always easy, but if you’re being called to make a change, there really should be no other choice but to push through the fear of change and face what is meant for you. Sometimes the choice we have to make is often packaged as the scariest choice.

Does someone keep coming into your life and you’re not sure why? When someone keeps coming back into you’re life, it’s either because you’re meant to work on things together or that you missed something the first time around that prevents this person from being released from the incessant universal pattern. Again, why do you think this person is being called to be in your life? Do you have unfinished business? Do you struggle with letting go? Are there feelings still there that were never resolved? Are you in a place where you’re now ready to give the relationship a chance? This recurring relationship pattern is happening for a reason, explore what this means for you. Ask yourself the hard questions.

Are you stuck in a relationship that is no longer serving you and you’re constantly hitting roadblocks to remind you that you shouldn’t be there? Being in a relationship that is not meant for you is painful. It not only hurts your soul to out stay that relationship but it hurts the other person too. The longer you stay, the longer you’re putting what is meant for you on hold. The longer you stay; you’re stunting your own personal growth and your ability to experience amazing new connections. Do you have a fear of being alone? Are you afraid to hurt the person you’re in a relationship with?

There are tons of ways the universe speaks to us when we’re being called to learn a lesson; one of those is recurring patterns in relationships. If you choose to ignore those recurring patterns in relationships, it only delays the inevitable.

If you don’t learn the lesson now, it will return and return.

The best advice I can give you is to ask yourself the hard questions, learn the lesson and take action where necessary. The quicker we begin to soul search and really take the time to learn the lesson, the quicker we move on to what is meant for us…and the next lesson.


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