No One Is You And This Is Your True Power

Today, instead of comparing yourself to another, what if you focused on how amazing you are? You have your own unique journey to explore. When we compare and try and live our lives through someone else’s journey, we dim our own internal light.

No one is you and this is your true power.

When it comes to dating and heartbreak, it can be tempting to look at the person our ex is newly dating and think; what does she have that I don’t?

The answer is, nothing.

You’re not comparable. If he’s not with you, he’s not the one for you. She’s not better than you; he’s just not the right one for you. It’s not about her, and him being with her, doesn’t make you any less amazing.

No one is you and this is your true power.

You want someone who is going to choose you, for you. And remember, you choose them too. Why would you want someone who does not choose you back?

Obsessing over what she has that you don’t have only distracts you from how great you truly are. Think about it this way, she doesn’t have anything that you have, because you are uniquely you.

No one is you and this is your true power. You are most powerful, as you.

Don’t live a life trying to be anything other than your ultimate self. Don’t waste another day living a life that doesn’t speak to your true passion and who you really are. Instead of spending your time comparing yourself to others, work on spending time mastering your own internal love and journey.

You’re already enough, just as you are. This world is so lucky to have you, when you believe that, you’re unstoppable.

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