How To Build Confidence AND What Confident People Do Differently

Confidence is really a state of mind.  If you don’t believe in yourself and trust yourself it can really haunt your personal and social life. Building confidence is somewhat of a journey.  We build confidence through our relationships and experiences. But what is confidence?  Do you ever look at someone who appears confident and wonder what they have or what…

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Dating Profile Tips: Why Your Dating Profile Is Not Getting The Results You Want (5 Ways To Change That)

 It only takes a few seconds for someone to read over your dating profile and decide if they’re going to message you or not. In those first few seconds it’s essential to have a concrete dating profile that not only captures your true, unique essence, but also pulls the guy in wanting to know more. So why are you not…

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Would you choose beautiful? See what happened in this Dove social experiment

Today women are often bombarded with pictures and media that portrays this perfect (photoshopped) ideal woman that everyone should want to be.  The culture has almost created an environment where women are hesitant to even say they’re beautiful anymore.  And those that do label themselves as beautiful often get labelled “cocky” or “shallow.” Dove released a social experiment called #ChooseBeautiful…

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There Is A New Type Of Relationship. Find Out What That Is Here

The way we experience relationships has changed drastically throughout the years. My friend and mentor Charmayne Kilcup talks about the “New Energy Relationship” in her article, “The New Way to do Romantic Relationships.” There are no rules in these type of partnerships.  Find out more here:  The New Way to do Romantic Relationships  

Still Single? Why It May Not Be Your Time Yet

                There could be many reasons why you’re still single right now, some of which, may have nothing to do with you. Has it ever occurred to you that your future partner may not be ready for you yet? Timing is everything with dating and relationships and can be a huge determinant of…

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Do Looks Matter? Check out this Tinder social experiment

Recently, I came across a Tinder social experiment highlighted on Elite Daily. Simple Pickup, hosted this social experiment to test the theory that: The # 1 fear for women dating online is that they’re going to meet a serial killer The #1 fear for men is that the women they meet are going to be fat Regardless of if the social…

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Will He Call Me?

How To Tell If You Have Found Your Soulmate

Previously, I highlighted 2 lists that could help you remove any blocks you have to love in order to be ready for your soulmate to come in.  Click here for that post. With that being said, how will you know when you meet your soulmate?  Will you recognize them? Check out this article by Higher Perspective that outlines how to…

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Wondering Why You’re Still Single? This Could Be Why

Are you tired of dating?  Running out of reasons why you’re still single? In the post Here Is What Could Be Delaying You From Finding A Partner, I talked about how the paradox of choice could be causing your single life to be extended. Expanding on the topic of being single, Mark Manson speaks to why you may still be single…

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are you cyber stalking your ex?

Still Cyberstalking Your Ex? Why He’s Not Cyberstalking Your Facebook

  In a previous post titled, Cyberstalking Your Ex?  3 Proven Ways To Help You Stop, I talked about the downfalls of cyberstalking your ex and suggested 3 ways to overcome the impulse to check his social media everyday. Wondering why he always seems to get over you faster? Here is a continuation of why creeping on your ex is not…

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4 Proven Qualities Of A Successful Dater

                How you ever tried to make a relationship “fit” even though it continued to disappoint you? Have you tried to turn a guy into the “one” even though he was far from it? Are you crippled when someone rejects you? The journey through dating can feel like torture sometimes.   A journey,…

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