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ASK HIM: 5 Reasons Why The Guy You’re Dating Is Still Online Dating

Posted 02/06/15 by Sarah Kotz and filed under:

Attractive young handsome man, model of fashion in urban backgro

“Why is the guy I am dating still online dating?”

“We’re dating, but he still checks his online dating profile!”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Here are 5 reasons, from a male perspective, why the guy you’re dating may still be active on the online dating site where you met him.

1.  He is just looking for casual flings or one-nighter’s, no matter what he says.

2.  He thinks he might be able to do better, so he keeps looking online. I.e., He wants to keep his options open.

3.  He’s really bad at cheating discreetly.

4.  It’s too soon to go off the site. The relationship is not serious enough to delete his online dating profile yet. You can’t expect him to close up shop immediately, but if things are moving ahead and he still has it up, there’s a problem.

5.   He forgot to close his online dating account. This is the least likely option out of the five. Chances are it’s one of the other reasons.

ASK HIM: The Top 5 Things That Make A Woman Good In Bed

Posted 01/23/15 by Sarah Kotz and filed under:

Attractive young handsome man, model of fashion in urban backgro

* The following perspective is coming from one man’s perspective, many could share the same views but we’re not saying all do.

Wondering if you’re good in bed?  Here’s 5 things that make a woman good in bed from a male perspective.

  1. She can give good head.  Great oral is harder to come by than great sex.
  1. She knows when it’s time to mix it up.  Recognizing it’s time to spice things up is probably more important than how you actually end up doing that.
  1. She understands when it’s her turn to put some work in.  Sex is a two-way street!
  1. She knows to never tell a guy, “talk dirty to me”.  If you want us to talk dirty, just start talking dirty first.  By asking a guy to talk dirty to you, you could end up putting the guy on the spot and then they are tasked with coming up with something that sounds sexy.  This could potentially create an awkward situation.
  1. She recognizes the fine line between massaging and hurting the balls.  Self explanatory!

Now that you know the 5 things that make a woman good in bed, its important to remember that being good in bed really comes down to being in the moment.  Don’t be afraid to take the reins and seize the moment. You can’t go wrong with trying.