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Feeling Panicked About Him? Try This Meditation Technique

Young pretty womanWhen things appear to not be going our way, the natural reaction is to panic.

Panic results in feelings of fear, anxiety, perpetuates overanalyzing and sometimes results in rash decision making.

Charmayne Kilcup speaks to one meditation technique that can assist to minimize the panicking feelings that often come about through daily life and change.

This meditation technique provides an environment for you to connect with your future self and bring in feelings of peace and safety with your current situation.

To try this meditation technique, CLICK HERE. 

Remember, everything happens for you, you just may not know the reason for it yet.

There Is A New Type Of Relationship. Find Out What That Is Here

Handsome man taking his girlfriend on bicycle rack

The way we experience relationships has changed drastically throughout the years.

My friend and mentor Charmayne Kilcup talks about the “New Energy Relationship” in her article, “The New Way to do Romantic Relationships.”

There are no rules in these type of partnerships.  Find out more here:  The New Way to do Romantic Relationships