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You Will Never Regret It When You Speak Your Truth: The Truth About Communication In Relationships

The only thing one can truly regret in relationships are the words we didn’t have the courage to say.  

Communication in relationships is imperative to maintain a healthy, long-lasting partnership. Being afraid to tell your partner/date how you feel and therefore keeping your innermost thoughts and feelings a secret, doesn’t make a relationship any stronger. In fact, withhold sharing your thoughts and feelings can actually work against you to stunt the growth of your relationship.

Sometimes we can get caught up in “the timing is not right to communicate,” “it’s too early to communicate,” or we expect the other person to just “figure it out.”

People are not mind readers and neither are you.

Especially in cases where things appear not working out for you in your relationship, the best thing you can do is constructively, compassionately and authentically communicate with the other person. Once you have done that, you know you have done all you can do. It’s now time to see what the other person does with this communication.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with communicating as long as it comes from a place of love and authenticity.  Ensure that you communicate your feelings as true to how you feel as possible and not as to put blame on the other person.  You always have control over your own feelings, communication is the first step to ensuring you get what you want out of your relationship.

If you’re worried that by communicating with someone you will lose them, that is just not possible with the right person.

When in doubt, communication in relationships is the best resolution to any ambiguity or problem you may face with your partner/date.

Are You In a Reciprocal Relationship? Find Out Here

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Reciprocity can differ depending on the type of relationship you want.

Do you believe you’re in a reciprocal relationship?

If you want to have the ultimate committed relationship where you feel so loved and cherished, a relationship where your partner actively attempts to meet you on all levels (emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually), it’s imperative that you feel you and your guy have a mutual understanding and foster a cooperative relationship together.  Both of you have to nurture the relationship and frankly want it.  It’s a partnership where both people are invested and accountable.

If your guy does not feel that the relationship with you is of importance or a priority, nothing you can do will make it better.  The relationship is no longer equal and ultimately not what you want.

  • Do you feel like you’re doing most of the work in your relationship?  Are you the one who is initiating and planning the dates all the time?  Do you always initiate contact?
  • Do you question if your partner is committed to you?  Do you question if he’s still seeking out other dates and/or talking to other girls?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind, you may not be in a reciprocal relationship.

There’s an easy way to clear up these questions and that is to have an open dialogue with your guy.  Often times the right guy will put your mind to ease and clear up any stories you may have been perpetuating in your head due to triggers.

There is a chance that this guy is in fact seeking out other dates and is not ready for the type of relationship you want.  If that’s the case, it’s OK, you need to know this so that you can move on and meet a guy who is truly ready.  Keep in mind, people are not perfect, you’re not going to know what he’s thinking unless you ask and he’s not a mind reader!  Reciprocal relationships are built on respect, each of you has to be honest with each other or the foundation breaks down.

After you’ve built a foundation and gone on a few dates with your guy, you will explore if this is a relationship you both want.  In the least, you will know if the guy is into you because he will be initiating more dates and wanting to delve deeper into getting to know you better.  From there you can develop the level of commitment and reciprocity that meets both your needs.

In a true reciprocal relationship you won’t be questioning the level of commitment he has to you.

Why Your Dating Karma Could Be Stopping You From Meeting Mr. Right

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Don’t be mistaken; you have entirely full control over your own dating karma.  How you chose to treat the people you date not only proves what type of partner you can be but whom you will ultimately attract in a partner.  If you have a habit of pulling a Houdini, playing the ignore game, or straight up cheating before communicating, your karma will ultimately come back to bite you 99% of the time.

What do I mean by this?

You’re more likely to attract people who mirror or accept your behaviour and your own insecurities.  You may attract dates that are typically insecure and will continue to perpetuate whatever you’re putting out there and that cycle continues.

I used to be so nervous to tell guys that I was not interested or that things had changed in my relationships.  But after having been ignored, “houdini(d)” and cheated on I promised myself I was going to be the partner I wanted to have.  What this meant was, no matter how uncomfortable things got, I always communicated what I was feeling.  By setting these guys free, I didn’t waste their time and opened myself up to meet someone who was better suited to what I was looking for.

I see people stuck all the time in these perpetual toxic dating cycles and they wonder what they’re doing wrong.

The truth often lies in your dating karma.

Honestly, you can’t see results unless you look inwards and make changes for yourself.  Treat yourself and others with the up most respect and I promise you, you will see results in your dating life.

My mantra has always been; treat others how you would want to be treated.  There should be no exceptions in your dating life.  Be conscious of your dating karma and you will see the right people come into your life.