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ASK HIM: 5 Red Flags You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

Attractive young handsome man, model of fashion in urban backgro

Wondering if you are dating the wrong guy?  How do you know if you are dating the wrong guy?

From a male perspective, here are 5 red flags that you are dating the wrong guy.

  1. He is way too comfortable with you.  He takes zero care of his appearance or behaviour when he is around you.
  1. He has no interest in planning anything together (trips, dates, activities, etc) but he takes a lot of interest in planning with his buddies.
  1. He spends a lot of nights sleeping on the couch, in another room, or anywhere other than your bed.
  1. Not only does your family not like him, but your friends don’t like him either.
  1. Forced laughter and smiles are happening a little too often. Worse yet – no laughter or smiles!  You feel that his laughter or smiles aren’t genuine or are very quick.

Ask Him Friday’s – COMING SOON

Posted 01/09/15 by Sarah Kotz and filed under:

Attractive young handsome man, model of fashion in urban backgro

I find it so enlightening to ask a male opinion, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Most guys have this uncensored, raw way of communicating that I appreciate, so much so I wanted to incorporate it somehow into my blog.

I elicited the assistance of one of my guy friends to answer questions in a friday segment called, Ask Him.

In this segment, I hope we can dive right into the male psyche to shed some light on some of our most personal, deepest and powerful questions about men.

I started him off with 20 questions to answer over the next few weeks, however please go to the Contact section of the website to submit any questions you want to Ask Him about.

No question is off-limits.