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How To Get Him To Chase You: Why It Doesn’t Matter


We’ve all been there, having intense talks with your friends trying to figure out what went wrong and how to turn things around so that this guy has his attention back on you. Maybe you’re even Googling articles, tips and strategies to mastermind the perfect scenario about how to get him to chase you and come back.

But why are you chasing him at this point? What makes him so great?

Ask yourself; is it just the rejection that has you wanting to turn the tables?  Do you REALLY like him?  Dig deep on these questions and take the time to reflect on what your motives are behind wanting this guy to chase you.

Clearly if you’re scrambling to find a solution and turn the tables, something isn’t right and this guy is not giving you what you need.

What if instead of chasing and spending so much time researching and masterminding how to get him to chase you back, you focused on yourself and what makes you happy?

The best strategy or advice I could give someone when they have the urge to chase is to step back, take a moment and – Do You!  

What does that mean?  Reach out to your friends and surround yourself with people who frankly want to be in your life and know what is going on with you.  Do things that make you happy and bring you joy.

Chasing after any guy won’t make him want you even more.  Playing games or making up a plan to get him to chase you, likely won’t work either or will be a temporary reaction from him on his part.

I know it may seem cliché, especially in the state you might be in, but with the right guy you won’t have to think about chasing or not chasing because he won’t be able to stay out of your life for good.

What’s great about the “Do You” strategy is that it does often work and your guy will come crawling back!

But when he does, I caution you; do you want someone who is not sure if they want to be with you?

Listen to his words and trust his actions.  If he wants to be with you, he’ll make it happen.  If not now, space will provide the avenue to make it happen in the future if it is in your highest good.



Why Your Dating Karma Could Be Stopping You From Meeting Mr. Right

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Don’t be mistaken; you have entirely full control over your own dating karma.  How you chose to treat the people you date not only proves what type of partner you can be but whom you will ultimately attract in a partner.  If you have a habit of pulling a Houdini, playing the ignore game, or straight up cheating before communicating, your karma will ultimately come back to bite you 99% of the time.

What do I mean by this?

You’re more likely to attract people who mirror or accept your behaviour and your own insecurities.  You may attract dates that are typically insecure and will continue to perpetuate whatever you’re putting out there and that cycle continues.

I used to be so nervous to tell guys that I was not interested or that things had changed in my relationships.  But after having been ignored, “houdini(d)” and cheated on I promised myself I was going to be the partner I wanted to have.  What this meant was, no matter how uncomfortable things got, I always communicated what I was feeling.  By setting these guys free, I didn’t waste their time and opened myself up to meet someone who was better suited to what I was looking for.

I see people stuck all the time in these perpetual toxic dating cycles and they wonder what they’re doing wrong.

The truth often lies in your dating karma.

Honestly, you can’t see results unless you look inwards and make changes for yourself.  Treat yourself and others with the up most respect and I promise you, you will see results in your dating life.

My mantra has always been; treat others how you would want to be treated.  There should be no exceptions in your dating life.  Be conscious of your dating karma and you will see the right people come into your life.