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Is Your Ego Distracting You From Accessing True Happiness?

Posted 01/12/15 by Sarah Kotz and filed under:

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As I have mentioned in a previous post, I recently left my corporate management job to pursue my writing and coaching career.  My corporate management position had me managing a growing team of eleven employees, supporting two business units across Canada.  Conversely, two months later, I am now working for my mom part-time, grading assessments and conducting any office work she requires for her private practice while I figure out my writing career.

It was not an easy decision to leave my corporate job.  I had worked my way up to a particular lifestyle and going back to doing office work that I had not done since I was out of school, has been an adjustment to say the least.  But I had to check my ego at the door.

There are days where I think it would be easier to just go back.  But would I be truly happy not knowing if I could have really made my dream happen?

The answer to that is unequivocally, NO.

I am choosing to put my ego aside, do some of the “dirty work” needed to support myself through this transition and accept that I don’t have all the answers right now.  I just have to trust my passion, my instinct and the universe.

By checking my ego at the door through this transition and relinquishing the control that I do not have all the answers right now, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and as a result I feel a sense of joy and excitement everyday.

No longer tied to superficial comfort, monetary or statuses, letting go of my ego has allowed me to feel authentic happiness.

Is your ego distracting you from your true happiness? Don’t waste another day.



How Pursuing Your Passion Can Bring About Immense Positive Change In Your Life

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Do you feel passionate about your life?  Are you pursuing your passion?  Are you in a career that you’re passionate about?  Does your job make you feel excited to go in everyday?  Does your job elicit the most creative person in you?

If you answered “No,” to even one of these questions you may want to explore further into what derives passion for you and if you’re in the right career.

I recently left an 8-year career in the human resources, corporate management sector.  I had the best benefits, enough money to live comfortably and had moved up fast.  But was I truly happy?  That was a hard question for me to answer for a long time.  Yes I was comfortable and content, but there was always this whisper of something else I could be doing; my writing and coaching.  Due to the nature of my job I did not have a lot of time or energy for my writing.  My creativity was stifled and I started to feel depressed.

Pursuing your passion is so very important to living a fulfilled life.

I’ve been writing literally since the time I could hold a pen.  I specifically remember writing chapter books in grades 7/8.  Despite this innate passion, I never could wrap my head around how I could make a career out of writing and live comfortably.  So I did what most people do; I chose the safe route.  It’s not that I was not interested in human resources, it just didn’t bring about the same passion my writing did.

So here we are.  I quit my job, no safety net.  It’s both scary and exhilarating all at the same time.  But you know what?  I know it is going to be OK because at the end of the day I can say I pursued my passion and gave it a try.

You know what is also true?  I’m happier because I’m doing something everyday that I am extremely passionate about.  I get excited everyday, I feel joy everyday and I finally feel that I can break free and be the creative being I was always meant to be.  Most of all, I have this immense desire to coach and speak about everything I’ve learned and are still learning through my dating and life journeys.  The bonus is, because I am truly happy and doing something I love, I can now enter a relationship feeling content and loving my life and myself, no longer seeking a guy for that missing link or void I may had been feeling before.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tough days when I’m not sure what the future holds and I doubt my abilities.  These days will happen.  The important part is to remember your dream and your passion.  There are no loser’s when you give it a try.  Everyday I get a bit closer to making my dream a reality.  Patience, perseverance and trust is key.

You may be thinking this can’t possibly work for everyone.  I’m not saying go and quit your job tomorrow, what I am saying is, it’s important to spend your days doing what you’re most passionate about.  If most of your day is not filled with something you love doing or are not passionate about, you may want to reflect on your inner most desires.

Is it possible to have increased success when you pursue a career that you’re passionate about?

Amy Rees Anderson, contributor for Forbes, speaks to this in an article “Does Being Passionate About the Work You Do Increase Your Chance of Success?”  Amy says, “I do believe that if you are truly passionate about the work you are doing, you will have the greatest chance of achieving financial success. I believe that when we are passionate about something we have more energy, we work much harder, we get more creative, we search more diligently for solutions when difficult problems arise, and we inspire others who work alongside us. Each of those elements helps to increase our chances of success. But above all else, I believe we are the happiest when we are pursuing our passions in life, and that is the very best kind of success.”

What is that passion that will drive you to be the best you can be?