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Still Single? Why It May Not Be Your Time Yet










There could be many reasons why you’re still single right now, some of which, may have nothing to do with you.

Has it ever occurred to you that your future partner may not be ready for you yet?

Timing is everything with dating and relationships and can be a huge determinant of whether your relationship will succeed or happen at all.

Being patient when you want a partner in your life so bad, can be hard at times.

But what if you could resort to faith and trust that it is only a matter of time before this person comes in?  What would you say to them?

I love the idea of writing to your future partner.  But also, if you could receive a letter from your future partner right now, what do you think they would say to you?

Check out this letter via The Huffington Post, A Letter From The Love You Haven’t Met Yet.

Wondering Why You’re Still Single? This Could Be Why

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Are you tired of dating?  Running out of reasons why you’re still single?

In the post Here Is What Could Be Delaying You From Finding A Partner, I talked about how the paradox of choice could be causing your single life to be extended.

Expanding on the topic of being single, Mark Manson speaks to why you may still be single in his article, 3 Simple Explanations For Why You’re Still Single.