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Do Looks Matter? Check out this Tinder social experiment

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Recently, I came across a Tinder social experiment highlighted on Elite Daily.

Simple Pickup, hosted this social experiment to test the theory that:

  • The # 1 fear for women dating online is that they’re going to meet a serial killer
  • The #1 fear for men is that the women they meet are going to be fat

Regardless of if the social experiment proved men’s fear of their dates turning out to be fat, I think it speaks to the harsh reality that we never really know who we’re talking to online until we meet them.  There is so much pressure to look attractive in order to get more matches, a lot of people either alter their photos or use old photos that do not necessarily capture how they look today.

It’s important to be transparent and honest with your potential matches about who you are and what you look like.  Individual preferences for attraction differ based on the individual. I think what ultimately annoyed all the people engaged through this social experiment, is the fact that the person they were supposed to meet lied about what they look like.

But would they have been so annoyed if the person had lied in other ways but was still what society has dictated as “attractive”?

Click below for the female Tinder social experiment:

Fat Guy Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

Still interested?  Check out the female reaction to the male tinder social experiment. 

Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)



Does The Tinder App Have a False Bad Rap?

Posted 11/08/14 by Sarah Kotz and filed under:

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I finally gave in and went on Tinder this year.   The matchmaking app that can use GPS to find matches in your radius added not only excitement to online dating but also seemed to open up a huge can of worms.  The Tinder app has been criticized extensively for being a “hook-up” app and for its emphasis on appearances first.

As far as being a hook-up app, I think any dating site can be used as a forum for potential hook-ups.  I can tell you, I have tried multiple sites; including Match, POF and OKCupid and these sites yield a lot of the same matches you would see on Tinder.  What I am finding more and more is, sure a guy may be willing to sign up for a paid site but why wouldn’t he also put his profile up on a non paid forum?  It really comes down to individual choice.

If a guy or girl for that matter wants to hook up they will use the means to do so, no matter what type of app or social avenue it is.  Now don’t get me wrong, I can entirely see someone going out to the bar or away on business and using the Tinder app to meet up and possibly hook up.  But if that intent is already there, does it really matter if they use an app to do so?

If you’re not looking for a hook-up, just say so.  Just like any other dating site, everyone has their own types of relationships they seek.

For those not looking for a hook-up, this app may just take a bit longer to sift through the candidates because it certainly does not disclose intent.  I would also advise if you’re seeking a relationship you would be best to start with a paid site.  That could potentially eliminate at least half the hook up seekers you would normally encounter through an unpaid site.

One way to make yourself clear if you do want a relationship is to tell your date you’re looking for a relationship and be clear on your profile.

When we organically meet people in our day-to-day lives we often times notice their appearances first.  I do not see how that is overly different from swiping through a bunch of profiles.  Of course when you meet someone in person there is a lot more dimension to the individual and aside from their looks, they could be even more attractive based on their personality…or not.  That is dating.  Each individual has his or her own unique attraction to someone.  I do believe at the end of the day a good picture or bad picture on Tinder will not hinder you from meeting your life partner.