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Deciding Not To Do Things That Are Scary IS Scary

Being scared of change and unforeseen times is absolutely normal. It’s what we do with this fear that transcends our world and our lives.  What I have learned is, deciding not to do things that are scary is scary.

We can use and overcome this fear by pushing through the unknown and following our gut or we can choose to let the fear cripple us.

Events, people and situations come about in our lives to challenge us and ultimately bring us closer to true happiness. What if you knew that moving through this fear would make you happier, stronger and feel more fulfilled?

Being scared is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes the best things for us in life are the ones that evoke a sometimes temporary, uncomfortable and fearful feeling.

Staying with someone out of fear of the unknown, running away from someone out of fear or choosing not to make choices in your life out of fear, can steer you wrong.

What will never steer you wrong is your gut, your inherent intuition. It’s that little whisper or recurring thought that you just can’t escape in your life, calling you to action. 

Letting fear overcome your mind and your life, crippling your ability to make decisions and make big moves, is truly scary to me.  Deciding not to do things that are scary is scary.

As I have mentioned before, I left my 8-year corporate management career at the end of 2014. The decision literally haunted me for about a year before I was able to come to terms with what I felt was the inevitable; I needed to leave my career.

Before I actually tendered my resignation, I tried to convince myself to stay a few times even though I knew in my core being, I needed to leave. I tried to convince myself to stay because I was scared and didn’t know what was going to happen to me next. Would I be successful? Would I find anther job I loved? Would I fail?

When fear crept in it was debilitating at times but through that fear, I pushed forward.

I trusted my intuition and the recurring thoughts of “what I needed to do,” even though I didn’t know the exact outcome.

I still don’t know the exact outcome but what I can tell you is, I’m happier for pushing through that fear and I’m one step closer on my life path and toward my true calling.

I would challenge you to really think about thoughts that have been plaguing your mind for some time. Is there something you should be doing that you’re called to do but are scared to make a move? Is there someone you have been thinking about? Are you in a relationship that you know isn’t right? Are running from someone because it’s too “complicated” or you’re not sure what will happen?

When you let fear rule your decision-making abilities in your life, you risk events and people who are truly meant for you. It’s when we transcend fear, we’re set free to be authentically happy.

By pushing through that fear, we can find that job/career that brings us joy and even that relationship we always dreamed about.

It’s all waiting for you, just on the other side of that fear.







Be Yourself: Don’t Change Your Authentic Self To Be With Someone

Portrait of Trendy Stylish Hipster Woman

Being able to be your authentic self in your relationships is important. So many times have I seen a girl try and change herself to be what she thinks the guy she is dating needs or wants.

I have even been the “snowboard chick” before because I thought a guy from British Columbia wanted a girl who could snowboard.  I never said I did it well, my time snowboarding was mostly spent on my ass.  Changing yourself for someone or attempting to, only delays that person from getting to know the real you.

It’s cool if you’re willing to try new things and immerse yourself in the person you’re dating, but changing the person you ultimately are should not be on the table.  Do things because it is what you want to do and in your best interest, not just to impress a guy.

Instead of trying to get one person to like you, why don’t you take the stance that if he doesn’t like who you are, f*ck him!  There will be someone else even better that will come along who will think you’re great!

Be you.  Be your authentic self.

By trying to be what you think he wants, you’re discrediting how great you are and ruining an opportunity for this guy to get to know the real you.

The right guy will love you for you.  Be your authentic self. You can still be you and be open to trying new and exciting things while still maintaining your authenticity.